Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Movie Reviews

First of all - you should all be very impressed that I was able to pull myself away from Beautiful Creatures tonight to blog...seriously hard to walk away from that book...it's very intriguing and leaves you wondering what is really going on.  BUT as I've mentioned a few times before my desire for coffee in the morning overcomes all other things so I'm trying to get on a better schedule...umm...again.  Clearly it didn't take the first time.

If you haven't noticed, I tend to ramble more at night.  Sorry for that.  Last week I was actually able to watch a few movies and while I know they are old and you've all probably already seen them, I still want to review them just in case, like me, maybe you have toddlers or a family or...perhaps a crazy need to write and be at your computer, that may otherwise cause you to be behind on the latest movies and things going on out there in the world.  These movies are already out on DVD and probably have been for quite a while.  Actually one of these movies I bought on Black Friday on Blu-ray for like 4.99.  Seriously can't beat that price and I have to brag a little...it's the least I can do for venturing out on that day!  So without further ado...here we go...

First off - Wolverine!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.  If you liked the X-men movies then chances are you'll love this as well.  I've been wanting to see this one for a long time but with a toddler in the house our movie watching has certainly suffered.  I've posted eye candy for you ladies to the right.  Let's just pause and look at that for awhile.  Mmmmm...what?  The movie? 

Oh yes -  it was what you'd expect - high action, high drama and a few tasty Hugh Jackman scenes to keep the ladie's interested.  The hubby and I were amazed at how buff he was for this part.  And if you're a Lost addict like we are, you'll be entertained that Dominic Monaghan who plays Charlie is also in this.  When I watch movies like this it's for the pure over-the-top entertainment of it all and it certainly didn't disappoint.  Was it predictable?  Definitely.  Far fetched?  Absolutely!  Awesome?  YES!  But if you're looking for something deep or inspiring, well, this certainly isn't it.

   Okay the second one we watched was "He's just not that into you"

Cute movie but I have to admit it was a little long and I couldn't find any good photos to post.  This was ONE of my favorite scenes.  The problem with this movie was that it had great material and some truly awesome scenes but it wasn't edited very well.  You were distracted half way through and could feel that it was running on too long to hold your interest.  This is never good for a movie watcher.  Like reading, I want to be transported to another place and time...this didn't do it for me.  It's hard saying that because I honestly believe there were some valid points and some life lessons that for alot of us women were really done well in the movie.  Has anyone read the book?  I wonder if the book was better...it usually is.  My advice - this is definitely worth atleast one watch but don't subject your husband or significant other to this punishment and rent it instead of buying.

And with that - it's past my bedtime!  I'll be visiting blogs tomorrow but mostly MIA in order to finish work on my lastest critique group piece!  Yes the panic has set in!  I received my first email tonight from a fellow group member whose material I get to read and critique for my next meeting!  So excited yet the pressure is on to get mine done and sent out!  How fun this process is going to be!

Happy Hump Day Everyone...well, almost...45 minutes and counting! 


  1. I loved Wolverine but haven't gotten to see "He's just not that into you" yet. Great reviews and now I have yet another reason why I MUST READ Beautiful Creatures!

  2. I love "He's just not that into you". It was so simple yet captured some real feelings people have in relationships. I do agree with you on the editing though, it could have been amazing if it had been edited just a little bit better.

  3. its a nice movie...enjoy it though the story line is quite simple

  4. Hello, fellow Kristi. I found you through MotherReader's comment challenge - there seem to be several of us Kristis participating.

  5. still haven't seen Wolverine, but I did see "...Not Into You" I must have liked it cause I rated it 4 out 5 on Netflix, but I don't really recall the movie. But that's not unusual for me. I forget most of the movies I watch.

  6. I haven't seen either. I do really want to see Wolverine, though. I like the X-Men movies a lot (did I see the third one?? I don't think I did...).

    As far as HJNTIY, I've heard that the book is better, but haven't read that either.

    Great reviews!! Thanks!

  7. I really liked "He's Just Not That Into You" but I thought it took a while to really get moving. And the commentary by random people was distracting. But overall, I liked how they tied everything together.

  8. I haven't seen Wolverine yet either, but it is on my list.

  9. Maybe I need to give HJNTIY another shot! Sounds like most people liked it! I really did like the subject matter and the storylines but I agree with Jennifer..the random people commenting was very distracting and took away from the story.

    They also had a few things they could have cut out to hold interest without making it so long. I loved the ending though and the characters were awesome! There were also some laugh out loud moments!