Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The juggling act of life

New Year's Resolution tracking:
Writing progress:  Started first chapter...WOO HOO!
Weight progress:  lost a half pound...SLOW!
Reading progress:  read a few more pages last night and am loving it

Well, this morning finds me juggling all those balls of life over my weekend plans and wondering which one will fall...while knowing all along what needs to happen to keep my sanity.  I hate having moments like these.  I'm honestly not good at saying no.  Ever.  My college friends and I had planned a weekend trip to the mountains a while back (around Thanksgiving) and turns out, the date they had the cabin available is this weekend.  My son's birthday is this Thursday...the big 2!  I'm in denial that he's actually getting older so I will move on...It was a casual group email and we all actually got together at a friend's house prior to Thanksgiving and planned on doing it again this weekend.  We have practically everyone going which I think equates to around 16 people maybe...HUGE group.  Would be awesome.  But we're doing my son's family birthday that Friday.  The hubby and I decided we could leave early Saturday morning, drop little dude by Grandma's, head to the mountain (4 hour drive from here), ski/snowboard, spend the night with everyone and catch up and leave to come home on Sunday.  What we failed to plan for was the dogs and the vet boarding.  The vet has specific drop off and pick up times that don't necessarily coincide with our plan.  It's quickly becoming both a financial and mental burden to try to cram it all into one weekend.  I'm thinking I'm going to have to pass on the mountain trip this time and catch it next go round.  But I really will hate missing out. 

Which reminds me of the book I am finally finding the time to read (atleast a few pages a night)...Teri Hatcher's Burnt Toast.  I wouldn't recommend this book to everyone as I believe it takes a similar person to really appreciate it.  I am loving it but clearly Teri and I, had we ever actually met, would be BFF's for sure.  She is similar to me in too many ways to count.  Her book cracks me up and gives me the daily reminders I need to remember on a daily basis.  I can hear her voice in my head this morning telling me to "value myself" and make the choice that is less stressful for me and will benefit my mental state down the road. 

Last night's chapters had a mention of living in a house with white walls and I literally laughed out loud.  It's something that has always irritated me about my own home.  I love and need color in my home, room to room (even if that color is a version of white)...to make it feel like my own and to give me peace.  We have been slowly painting each room in our house since we moved and it's been a very painful yet rewarding experience.  Teri clearly has me and my odd personality pegged.

Which reminds me why I'm reading the book in the first place.  My good friend, we'll call her Lola (because I'm entertained by the name mostly) recommended it to me.  I often refer to Lola as my woman soul mate and she knows me so well that she knew I would love this book.  She's the only woman I have ever referred to in this reference and for good reason.  I can't explain the connection we have but it's the type of relationship you don't find often.  We are completely different in many, many ways...but at our CORE BEING there's something there that is hard to explain to others.  We are one of the same.  I literally walked into Lola's office one morning and told her I thought that my husband or I was psychic but we couldn't be sure which one.  She's the type of friend you can say that to.  Granted - I was half joking but she and I both knew that there was a part of me that wasn't.  I didn't feel silly telling her...which you have to admit is something special in itself.  We had a lengthy conversation about how most of us probably don't use certain parts of our mind and how it may be possible that we all have skills we don't know we posess.  But yet again, I'm digressing.  My point is that Lola recommended this book to me and now that I'm reading it...I'm pretty sure Teri herself would be a part of our group.

On a totally unrelated sidenote I finally downloaded some of the music fellow bloggers recommended to me a few weeks ago and I'm hoping to listen to some of it at work today.  I'll let you know how I like it!  My selections today are an album from Guilt Machine, Sia's Breathe Me and the new paramore album (I had the old one).  New music is always fun and it gives me something to look forward to in my chaotic day.       

I really need to get a word count up for my new book!  It's on that list of to-do's I never quite get to!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!


  1. Hey, you're making some good progress!

    I can't believe you think snowboarding is EASIER! LOL! I would totally kill myself on one of those. :)

  2. Isn't it funny how a 'relaxing & fun' event can turn so... not fun? Things like that can be a hassle for us as well. Yes, you'd have a blast if you went. Yes, it would totally stress you out if you went! No win scenario...

    Let us know what music strikes your fancy!

  3. It's hard juggeling everything. I'm killing myself in the gym (2 hours 3 days a week, 3 hours 2 days a week), then I need to do family stuff and then write. The problem is, I need at least a 45 minute nap after I get back from the gym and the errands...I stinks getting older. My dogs happy though, she loves a nap on the sofa in the afternoon.

    Have a fun birthday party! They are only little once.

  4. That's the thing about juggling...something will always fall, eventually. : (

    And how come the vet boarding schedule doesn't work about everyone else's? I think they get together and make up these weirdo times to drop off our pets just for entertainment. LOL.

    Happy B-day to your son, and I hope everything works out. And, good luck on your new project!!!

  5. Aww, happy birthday to the little man! My nephew turned two over the summer, and he is SO funny now. It's crazy...he's like his own little person! (Not used to kids...can you tell?)

    I love your idea of progress tracking on each post. I JUST might have to steal it. I really think it would help to keep the priorities straight.

  6. Thanks Jennifer!!! For me it really is easier...but I have to admit having BOTH of your feet tied to a board is a bit scary! But atleast I know I can stop if I need to!

    Diane - I've decided it's a no-win scenario as well...just told everyone we may not make it...too hard for less than 24 hours with friends. BTW - I LOVED the guilt machine album. Listened to it about 6 times at the office yesterday..mostly because I was too distracted and kept not paying attention. But honestly...I love almost all music so I'm not a very good judge. I enjoy something new and fun...if you have any other favorites let me know!

    Sharon - WOW! That much time at the gym...that's amazing. I suddenly feel very lazy. :-)

    Kimberly - seriously what is up with the vet boarding schedules? AS if it's not traumatizing enough to leave your babies in someone else's hands...they have to make it an act of congress to get there at a certain time. Don't get me started! HA! Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

    Kristin - please STEAL away! Seriously! But be forewarned..it keeps your goals in sight but gets a little irritating when you have to admit you're not meeting them! But I guess that's the point, right? And thanks for the birthday wishes!!! So funny because I say the same thing about my little man...he's becoming such a little person each and every day...thinking on his own...as a parent it's quite fun but mostly scary. LOL!