Friday, January 8, 2010

Good Stuffs

New Year's Resolution tracking:

Writing progress:  Only a paragraph or two yesterday but still better than 0.  It would really help if I didn't have to reread everything I'd written so far EVERY TIME I pick it up. 

Weight progress:  Happily back down that .2 pounds from yesterday and just in time for a weekend of exercise...I expect to report excellent results on Monday!

Reading progress:  Another hilarious chapter down.  The books I want to read keep stacking up...

Well, obviously my morning got away from me today.  Running errands and whatnot seemed to leave me with no time for my usual morning post.  But, it's lunch time and here I am, back in the blogosphere that I love so much.

First off, I want to THANK EVERYONE for their comments and well wishes yesterday.  Good stuffs.  And I'm not talking about Snapple.  It honestly made my day.  Recieving comments on my posts is much like opening little presents throughout the day and I LOVE love love hearing from everyone. 

So a quick report as to my day yesterday:  I managed to only cry (actual tears) once in the morning and tear up twice...okay...three other times throughout the day at the mention of my son...whether his actual birthday was brought up or not.  And I think once I mentioned him myself and teared up.  I was not lying when I said I was special.  So, all in all...I consider it progress.  Only a few tears shed in the morning as I blogged and a few more after just getting to work.  Maybe by the time he's in college I will manage to get along with my day smiling...there's always hope, right?  

As for his birthday it was sister came to visit, we went to dinner at Red Robin (one of his favorites), came home and opened presents.  How strange it is that he's only 2 and I think he has "favorites" already?  In all honesty it's more like my favorite because he can be as crazy as he wants to be and there are tons of other family's there so you would never even notice.  We don't get out much right now.  It's very touch and go with the terrible twos upon us.  We eat in alot.  Anyhow, it was lots of fun and we're having family over tonight to celebrate with the usual cake and ice cream...and pizza because it's Friday and I'm lazy.  Plus what kid doesn't love pizza?

Speaking of my sister...also in the good stuffs category...I confirmed with her last night that it was ok to share this photo with you all.  Really, this photo is for Kimberly and I hope she loves it.  If you've never checked out her blog it's really fun and you need to.  She wrote a review of a book a while back about the book Beautiful Creatures and it was one of the gifts I got my sister for Christmas.  Can't you just see the giddiness in her face?  I may even have her guest blog once she's finished so she can tell us all how much she loved it. 

In other unrelated and random news, of the non-good stuffs you all remember the Starbucks guy I saluted a while back as one of my random strangers that made me smile????  I'm considering revoking his status but I'm unsure.  Honestly a little wigged out by my incident yesterday morning and so I went to a totally different Starbucks today in avoidance.  Long story short - okay as short as I can attempt to be - as I pull up to the window he and his friends are talking about favorite animals and he tells me his is a "cougar" and they all laugh.  He tells me he enjoys cracking them up.  Good for you.  I laugh with them and tell them I think there's a show about that on t.v. that I have never seen.  As I pull away I am uncomfortable.  You all may not know this about me...but from time to time I am a HUGE conspiracy theorist.  For some odd reason I have it in my mind that they were talking about me.  I'm pretty good with people.  Maybe I was the joke.  I'm always overly nice so it's possible that could be misinterpreted.  Am I old enough to be a cougar?  I'm not sure.  And he's certainly not my type.  Most likely it is all some figment of my imagination but I can't convince myself that I'm entirely crazy.  I'm in avoidance for atleast a week so I can find the courage to go back.

I decided against going to the mountains this weekend so while I'm going to miss spending time with my friends, the less than 24 hours spent with them and over 8 hours in the car just didn't seem to make sense.  So now I'm looking forward to two whole days of sleeping in...which for me isn't late...but it's past 5:30 AM so it's lovely enough.  And exercising.  And lots and lots of writing on my WIP.  (I hope)

Hope you all have a truly marvelous weekend!!!  I'm off to catch up on a few of your blogs before heading back to work...

See you on Monday (unless I get really motivated and blog before never know!)


  1. I think a cougar has to be well over 35 years of age. A true died in the wool cougar would probably be over 40. I am part of that age-group, but I am NOT a cougar! Don't take offense, I am sure that the weren't talking about you!

  2. It would have been better if you hadn't seen Starbucks guy again. Then you could have had happy memories of him forever. Bummer.

  3. Keep up the good work on writing and your weight. :) Both take diligence. Have fun with your little one this weekend. God sarts them out little, so we (parents) can have 18 years to get used to the idea of them leaving us.

  4. LOL...thanks for the picture! I hope she loves the book (even though I'm 100% positive she will)! And you're so incredibily flattering. To tell you the truth, I'm still in awe that people actually want to read my random musings..LOL. : )

    And, by the way, you are so not old enough to be a cougar! I'm not sure I would ever have the courage to go back to that Starbucks! LOL. : )

    Oh, and I've been wondering: How are you liking your New Moon soundtrack? Still inspiring?

    have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks SO MUCH for the comments everyone! I'm still not sure I will ever have the courage to go back to that Starbucks again...something about that weird feeling there's a joke that you're not in on that is too uncomfortable! Then again, I may need adventure soon and go back to see what happens...LOL!

    Kimberly - I still like the Death Cab for Cutie song on the soundtrack and a few others that over time and many listens have rubbed off on me. I'm not a fan of the ENTIRE soundtrack though...liked the first one much better. I just downloaded an "death cab for cutie" album though and hope to listen to it today! My characters have been silent as of late!

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!

  6. Ummmmmmmmm maybe I should have looked at the picture first!! LOL!! And no you are not a cougar!!! I am only 4 years behind you and still single . . . I must not even be nearing cougar phase for my own sanity!! LOL!!

  7. MUAW HA HA (insert evil sister laugh here)!!! **giggle**

    What sanity are you referring to? Surely you jest!