Monday, January 4, 2010

The first post of 2010!

New Year's Resolution tracking:
Writing progress - Finished plot/outline for new story
Weight progress - Walked/jogged on treadmill yesterday
Reading progress - read a few pages last night of Burnt Toast (taking me forever to find the time) seems like forever, doesn't it?  I had a very busy but productive weekend and took a slight blogging break in order to get jump started on some things I HAD to do around the house and my new year's resolutions.  In an effort to remind myself and hold myself accountable I have picked three of my biggest resolutions and changed my post formatting to accomodate them!  Now I will have to report (kind of Bridget Jones style) every post how they are coming along.  We'll see if my little trick actually fools myself.  Oh my the games we play!  HA!

Hope everyone had a truly great New Year's!  My party went well - lots of good friends, food and beverages!  However, going to a wine store and the grocery store on New Year's Eve is something I wouldn't necessarily recommend to others.  Apparently I wasn't the only one throwing a last minute was honestly like black Friday trying to shop for food and alcohol.  The places were packed!  It was probably one of the few days that you will go to the wine store and see everyone pushing a basket.  I always find those baskets funny since my normal stop generally only involves me buying one or two bottles.  I think I rolled out of there Wednesday with five...and yes, I too had a cart.  Here's a few entertaining party facts:

Number of attendees:  11
Number of champagne bottles consumed:  4 (including a tasty strawberry/cherry one someone brought)
Number of margaritas consumed:  approxmiately 8 or 9 and mostly by myself (althought I had a bit of help)
Number of mulled wine glasses consumed:  estimated 10
Number of beers consumed:  estimated 30
Food consumed:  2 containers spinach dip, 3 entire packs of crackers, 3 different kinds of cheese, a container of cashews, 2 jars salsa, 3/4 bag of tortilla chips, one entire container of Pepperidge Farm Hazelnut Pirouettes 
Number of drunken texts sent to friends not in attendance:  around 6 or 7
Number of friends that crashed at our house:  4
Number of people sick:  Zero

In other news - part of my weekend was spent hooking up my new Apple TV I received as a gift at Christmas.  I have to say...this amazing technology is fastly becoming one of my favorite things!  We can now watch and listen to everything I have on Itunes downstairs in our living room.  We watched the Robots cartoon movie with Robin Williams last night and it was too cool.  (This is something I downloaded for my son but never actually watched).  It's amazing how many things I have watched on that tiny little screen and can now see full picture.  Not to mention I now have an entire selection of music to play when I have guests over!  Loving it! 

I have also eaten greens and black eyed peas three full days in a row, so if that doesn't help with my luck and money I don't know what will!  Does anyone else do this tradition?  It's not something I had ever eaten on New Year's day until my husband and I got together.  His family tradition was to eat this on January 1st and it's one of the fun things we have adopted as a family.  I'd honestly never heard of it before.  My mother notified me last night is was because she doesn't like either and so never cooked it for us growing up.

I'm really looking forward to catching up on everyone's blogs today...seems like I've been away for awhile and I'm wondering what glorious things I have missed!

Hope you're all doing well! 

Happy Monday.  (Is there really such a thing?  Even the optimist in me doesn't quite believe in that one!)




  1. I love your ideas for accountability! You might be surprised how much it helps you...or not ;) Either way, it's fun to see your progress. Sounds like you had a kickin New Year's Eve party. What a way to ring in the new year (and with black eye peas to boot). Welcome back to the blogosphere

  2. Going to get spirits on New Year's Eve does sound like an adventure!

    I like Mondays. My husband returns to work and it's a full day to myself to get things done. Guess I'm just weird!

  3. Monday's aren't my favorite but there is something about Monday's that offer a new start in a way, which is good.

    Glad to hear you had a fun New Year's.

  4. Love the idea of self trickery for the resolutions! LOL. How exciting is it that you finished your outline, and so quickly. Good for you! I hope you have tons of fun writing again!

    Ps - that party sounded like a blast!

  5. We'll see how my idea of accountability will work...or as Carol aptly points out...not! HA...couldn't agree more! We shall see. I have a prediction that I will be tired of it by the end of January and remove it altogether! That's not a very good start, is it?

    Diane - if I had the entire day to myself Mondays would be MUCH more enjoyable! Instead I find myself back at work...ick. Really not that horrible - just that I could find other fun things to do with my time.

    Kimberly - I just started writing during my lunch break!!! How exciting is the beginning of a book? I usually have the hardest time with the beginning and the best with the middle and end but this time is seems to be flowing out of me! WEEEEEEE! The true test will be if I like it two months down the road!

  6. I think the alcohol isle New Years Eve may actually be worse than black Friday. Glad your back, Happy New Year!

  7. Mondays are never easy.

    My resolutions:

    1) Take more long walks;
    2) Spend more time reading,
    3) And writing

    I think I can do those ;)

  8. Thanks Eva!!!

    Kim - coulnd't agree more on the walks. This is something my husband and I started doing last year and it has been AMAZING! It was finally too cold this weekend and we had to postpone...our new rule is to stay inside if (with windchill) it's below 35! I missed it!