Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crit Group Motivation AND a new award! WEEEEEEE!

Ok so it's not even February yet and I'm already done with the new year's resolution tracking!  It's annoying even me so I'm killing it.  That said, it's been very helpful with keeping my goals in mind and I will still report my progress...just maybe on Monday instead of every day of the week.  What is that?  Do I sense clapping and cheering?  Perhaps I kept it up too long.  It really was a good idea...in theory. 

Or maybe I'm killing it because I have found other motivation.  While my first critique group experience may not have gone as I planned and I may not have come away with lots of cool new friends *sniff* I did manage to come away with a healthy sense of fear and motivation.  Having offered up some of my own writing for the next meeting seems to have been just the thing I needed to get my rear in gear.  **wait..uncontrollable laughing at that last sentence***  Okay...back to all seriousness - BECAUSE I don't have any friends in this new critique group I want my writing to impress more than ever.  I have an insane need for people to like me.  It's a personality quirk.  So this odd need coupled with the fact that I'm sharing my writing has turned out to be just the silver lining I needed to feel the crit group experience is going to be awesome for me.  My writing has already improved and I've begun thinking about my story all week..obsessively.

I'm sharing the first chapter from my new work in progress.  And to think I originally thought I was done with it!  HA!  I keep finding new ways to give it more life and spunk.  Yesterday, on the way to work, socks came to me.  Yes, strange I know, yet meaningful....socks.  In my opening scene I had a woman carrying books and rushing around...something about it wasn't working for me and I could see the picture in my head but couldn't quite think about what she SHOULD be carrying.  Then, magically, it came to me...socks.  And for some reason it fit perfectly and the mood of my entire opening paragraph was changed by that one visual.  I know it's the right one.  It feels good.  And it's simple.  But I needed to think more about the character I was writing, the mood of the scene and what would make sense in order to convey the feeling I was trying to get across.

My point in all this is that generally speaking when I first write something I'm just trying to get it down on paper...the big idea...the big thought.  But after I do that I generally need to go back in and "breathe some life" into it.  In joining the crit group I'm finding that I'm paying attention to the details and getting my work the way I want it from the beginning and I think this building block idea is going to help make my book stronger as I go.  I'm still unbelievably nervous and I know I will be continually working on my selection all week and break into a sweat as I hit the "send" button to my crit group partners.  Having to wait a few days to get their feedback will surely be maddening.  Most likely I will fret and worry the entire time.

BUT moving on because I'm almost out of time and love to ramble...I got yet another award yesterday from the lovely Carol over at Carol's Prints!!!  If you haven't checked out this blog you really should...she never ceases to entertain me and she is just too cool.  Thanks Carol!!!!

And now...time to run so I can grab some coffee!  Hope everyone has a Happy Tuesday! 



  1. Happy Tuesday! Only three more days left till the weekend. YAY!

    Crit groups are a great motiviation. I, actually finished the second chapter of my WIP this weekend. It's been a long time coming.

    Good Luck Kristi. I know everyone will love your work. : )

  2. Socks huh? Sounds interesting!!

    Congrats on your new award!!!

    I totally get what you mean about needed to impress the crit group!
    Isn't that extra motivation great?!

  3. Hi Kristi!
    Congrats on the award :) Good for you joining a critique group that's not a group of already friends. That's pretty gutsy! I need to find one but I keep putting it off for that reason. I know. I can be such a wimp.

    Happy Tuesday,

  4. Kristi,
    Insatiable need to be liked seems to be part of the writer mentality, huh? Thanks for visiting my blog. I read The Wolf Within synopsis. Cool. Is this the one coming out in Feb.? I'll go check out your other posts now.

  5. Socks are funny. Good for you. Well done on the award.

  6. Congrats on the award! And good luck on your new WiP.

  7. I am the same way. When I write I furiously get everything out of my head and edit and breathe life into it later. Isn't it crazy when you change one thing, even something small and you just know it was exactly what your book needed.

    Congrats on the award!!!

  8. Crit groups are so helpful not only in giving great suggestions, but motivating you to do your best and get it done!
    Congrats on the award and good luck

  9. Kimberly - AMEN! Seriously...this week has been sooooo slowwwww for me! And thanks for the happy thoughts...I know you know how terrifying it is to share your work! I'm going to drive myself mad worrying over every single word...

    Kristin - I know, right? How strange that socks ended up being what I was looking for! Sounds like a bestseller, right? LOL! I promise it works...okay well, maybe it works for now. And yes, the extra motivation is awesome and I'm loving it! I've already gotten so much out of it and I've only been to one meeting!

    Jen - I'm totally a wimp too so I understand. I'm hoping the next meeting goes well...if not I may wimp out and quit.

    Lori - Glad to know I'm not alone on that being liked thing! There seems to be alot of good company around here! And yes, that's the one coming out in Feb!

    Thank you Elspeth - need to check your blog to see if you answered my question!

    Thanks to you too Elana - love your blog!!!

    Eva - thank you! Your blog never ceases to move me. You are seriously magical.

    Kelly - thanks! I'm addicted to crit groups. I now have one real life crit group and a possible *fingers crossed* online group! I'm loving the extra motivation!