Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a variety of jumbled thoughts once again

So this morning I encountered my second person worthy of my "random strangers that make me smile" award...there's a man at Starbucks that is there every time I go through the drive thru and this morning as I pulled up, he recognized me and said "Hello gorgeous!  How are you?"  I know what you're thinking...it wasn't creepy I promise.  It was more like a friendly hello to acknowledge that he recognized me from my addictive habit of coming every day.  I asked if he was off for Christmas day and we laughed that he did get the day off but he may find himself aimelessly wandering the parking lot wondering what to do.  I just love it when people I don't really know are friendly and happy...it literally MAKES MY DAY!  And so, today, I salute you my Jamaican (he had a red/yellow/green thing on his arm...I think that's Jamaica?  maybe?) Starbucks guy!!!!  Thank you for your kindness.

In other news I rediscovered a band today that I had forgotten how much I loved.  A song came on my IPOD at work and I couldn't help but think it was the perfect soundtrack to any YA novel.  I listened to the entire playlist (two albums worth) three times.  I have an addictive personality.  Just talking about it makes me want to listen to it once more.  The band is "One Year Later" and I have no idea if you can actually find their music online.  Hmm...let me look.  Nope.  Just some Australian band.  My sister went to college with these guys so it's pretty much college band sounding but awesome, awesome lyrics.  LOVE IT.  But feel slightly guilty that I can't share it with you all.

And just because I haven't posted any of my dorky poetry lately and I feel the need to ramble, here's some old school stuff I never really titled or finished:

Always been a dreamer
wonder if I'll get my chance
or will I find myself lost 
in life's complicated dance

as my thoughts bend
to the oncoming rain
clouds gather overhead
and nothings the same

Everything changed
in the blink of an eye
with doubt in the air
and lightning from the sky

One talk with you
seems to bring me back
I feel myself grounded
and ready to act

One talk with you
keeps me sane
I sense what's real
and all I have to gain

And with that I'm afraid my little blogging break is over and it's time to get back to work.  Hope everyone's Tuesday is going well...I keep thinking today is Wednesday...the week has really seemed that long.  But it's a short one and the holidays lay ahead...so I'll leave you all with thoughts of candy canes, stockings, presents, Christmas trees and above all else....good fun, laughs and memories with friends and family.  We're almost there....



  1. Great poem! Thanks for sharing! I write a lot of songs, and I think this would make a good one! I guess songs are basically poems...maybe I should try my hand at poetry then. Never really thought about it.

  2. Lovely poem.

    Happy holidays :)

  3. Great poem!!! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!!

  4. I love friendly people I don't know. Your story made me smile. Love the poem.