Saturday, December 5, 2009

Roxy's Amazing Transformation

So...since there are quite a few Pug lovers out there I thought it would be fun to post Roxy's amazing transformation photos. Basically a few years ago our vet told us we HAD TO cut back her food and get her to lose some weight as it was starting to affect her health. We were worried about it because she absolutely ADORES food and in the beginning it felt a bit cruel. Trust me when I say it was the right move and she now has so much more energy and spunk. It's like she's a puppy again! She's currently on "weight management" dog food which is hilarious in itself. Here are her "before" and "after" shots...


  1. Aww...she's gotten so skinny. Sadly, my pug needs to go on a doggie diet too! He loves his food. Poor little guy. : )

  2. HA! I know the feeling Kimberly! It was awful in the beginning having to cut her food back but the results were fabulous! And now that my son is almost two she gets quite a few extra treats from him (anything he drops!!!). I've been waiting for her to "plump" back up again...but I have to admit there's something really cuddly about a cute fat little pug! I swear they look better that way! (don't tell my vet)