Tuesday, December 15, 2009

my people

I'm filing this under the label "random strangers that make me smile".

So...I went to Kroger this morning to buy the candy I previously mentioned for work...during busy season we tend to eat through a ton of chocolate and keeping my candy dish stocked is practically a full time job!  There happens to be a Starbucks in this Kroger which is why I like to shop there in the mornings before work...I can get two things done at once.  So, I walk over and there's a small line. 

A lady in front of me has two middle school aged children and they're ordering when I walk up.  I smile as she orders a gift card and looks around...there's a guy waiting on his coffee and as I look up, he stares at me and checks me out.  Creepy.  Not one of my people.  Maybe it was my sassy shoes.  It wasn't a friendly stare but an uncomfortable one.  I smile and look away (can't help myself...darn holiday happiness).  The lady in front of me hands the cashier a cup and adds it to her order...and wait for it....makes my day.  She turns around to me and says, "I'm so sorry - I know you probably just want to order your coffee and go to work and I'm here ordering last minute Christmas gifts and taking my time."

I laughed out loud, smiled and told her I was in no rush.  You may not know this about me, but I am a constant over-sharer of information and my sister has tried time and time again to warn me about gushing to strangers and to no avail.  When someone I have never met does this very thing - well, it validates me.  I'm sorry Sandy...it's true.  There are others like me out there...my people.  And I love them.  Most of them anyway.  She went on to also tell me about various sales at Yankee Candle and that she had the day off work yesterday to shop for Christmas items and how nice it was that everything was on sale.  She also got a sweater at Gap for 50% off for someone on her Christmas list.  After our conversation I honestly felt the need to swap numbers and have her call me.  Very fun.  And so, today, I salute the Kroger random stranger woman as my very first blogging "random stranger that made me smile" ever!  She made my day start off perfectly....

And in other news - I added the holiday stamps to my "honey please do this and don't kill me for leaving you a list"....

Happy Tuesday....  


  1. It's nice when things like that happen! :)

  2. I tend tot gush to strangers, too.

    Happy Tuesday and great post.

  3. It was great! Honestly - I have a feeling that those of us that blog probably have this over-sharing thing in common! That ordinary thing most people have that keeps them from saying what's on their mind...well, I'm missing that. And I love nothing more than finding a fellow person like myself! Never ceases to make me smile! And also explains my blog addiction! LOL! Happy Tuesday indeed!

  4. LOL! I kind of feel like I know her now too. : ) It's always nice when other are considerate of your time.

  5. I'm one of your people also! Just the other day, I bought some books at Borders, and these ladies at a table on the way out said, "Can we gift wrap anything for you?". And instead of saying, "No thank you", I just HAD to say, "Oh, no! I LOVE wrapping presents too much. I have to do it myself. But THANKS!" I ran out of there in a hurry and was cursing myself for being such a N-E-R-D. Glad to know I'm not the only over-sharer! (Though I really am working on it.)

  6. So glad I am not alone and Kristin - you are SO one of my people!!! Reading your post has now made my morning! Your example is exactly the type of thing I say and do regularly. Always resulting in me walking off thinking "why am I such a dork sometimes? surely I can control this better."

    I flip flop between loving this about myself and hating it. Sometimes it's fun and other times it's honestly embarassing. This Halloween when my neighbors came over trick-or-treating with their children and I realized who they were, I felt the need to explain to them that we carved our pumpkins too early and apologized that they caved in and looked horrible. Seriously. This is a conversation I really had. As their kids trick-or-treated at my house. My sister was there to witness this one as well and when we came in she just shook her head and laughed. I really need to try not to be so weird. LOL! But then I may just be normal and I'm not such a big fan of that either! HA! What to do?