Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hump day - "That's so tinsel"

I don't know what it is about today but I am quite cheery!  Perhaps the fact that I'm finally starting to feel better today and can breathe has something to do with it.  Maybe the fact that it's Wednesday and the workweek is almost over.  Who knows...I ask no questions, just trying to enjoy the light hearted mood as it moves me!

Speaking of the holidays and cheery moods - caught a cute little holiday movie last night "Prep & Landing" and LOVED it.  Two of my favorite lines said by the elves were "that's so tinsel" and "frostbite!"...the latter used as more of a curse but in the cutest of ways.  However be forewarned - I'm not much of a good holiday movie reveiewer because to be honest, I love cheesy, sappy, happy holiday movies of any sort.  My holiday movie collection grows every year.  Among my favorites are Love Actually, The Holiday, The Family Stone, The Grinch who Stole Christmas (both versions), Miracle on 34th Street (just about any version)Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer...really, the list could go on and on and on and on.....

In other random news:  I hate that everytime I post a comment to someone's blog that I forget to check the box to "send updates" to my email.  It's frustrating me to no end....when will I learn?

I'm hoping to have some extra time tonight to work on my blog a little.  I've been wanting to add a few cool new blogs I found to my list and just haven't had the look for more new changes hopefully soon. 

And for all of my other writer friends out there - am I alone in finding it extremely difficult to write this time of year?  Inspiration and motivation seems to be everywhere during the holidays but finding the time to actually be able to take advantage of it and write something seems much harder to do than normal.  I have no spare time.  There's overtime to put in at my everyday job, Christmas decorations to put up, shopping to be done, which leads to wrapping presents, holiday movies to be seen and a family to spend time with.  No, for me, writing will most likely be postponed until after the holidays and blogging will have to fill the void in the meantime.  It's faster and still gives me that outlet that I need to relax my mind.

What is it about blogging and reading other blogs that is so relaxing????  Always gives me peace of mind!

Hope everyone's hump day is absolutely "tinsel"...


  1. I totally agree that it is difficult to get writing done this time of year..I've figured out its because LIFE is happening. lol. Maybe its easier for writers who are naturally wealthy, or don't have to work. Maybe they dont have children, dogs or annoying family members. Whatever the case, I agree. It is very difficult to get good quality writing done this time of year. I also agree that blogging is so relaxing...for me, its just nice to get a glimpse in the lives of others and see how similiar/different they are. Good luck with writing, and I love checking back to see what you've posted!

  2. You're not the only one who can't get anything done this time of year. I try and try and try somemore but...NOTHING! It's so frustrating, too. Oh well, may as well enjoy the season while it lasts. Soon enough we will have all the free time in the world: to write, blog, and do whatever else our little hearts desire. LOL...wait, I think maybe I was daydreaming. Free time...HA! Well, at the very least, the Holidays will be over soon and we might have a little more free time to do what we want. That's what I'm hoping, anyway.

    And I'm addicted to BLOGS now. Love them.

    PS - I think I must have caught your cold. Now I can't breathe and it sucks!

    : )

  3. You are so NOT alone. Add me to the long list of others having difficulty! :)

  4. So glad I'm not alone! I'm usually pretty good with the multi-tasking but something about the holidays just sucks you in and puts you in "chill" mode. I guess it's not necessarily a bad thing, just a thing.

    Sorry about that cold Kimberly - honestly hope it's something different than what I had...a week of feeling bad is just plain cruel!!! Not breathing can get quite annoying...but I don't have to tell you that. :-)

    Still totally addicted to!