Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hump day ramblings

A few very important things on my mind this morning....

First off - has anyone heard the Coke commercial on the radio with the Grandmother who grew up drinking it out of the bottle and now they bring it to their family holiday and can have enough for the whole family with a 2 liter?  I hope I'm not the only one...or actually I do hope I'm the only one because there's something about this commercial that drives me insane.  Hate may be an understatement.  It's gotten to the point I have to change stations if I hear this come on.  I'm not really sure why because I do really enjoy a soda every now and then and coke zero is a personal favorite.  Something about this irks me...not sure quite why....but it does.

On the other end of the spectrum - has anyone seen the preview for the movie with Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant?  There's one line in the preview that seriously makes me smile EVERY TIME and my husband and I actually stop what we're doing to watch it.  This one line alone has convinced me to go out and see the movie, which may or may not even be worth watching.  Warning:  I do love, love, love Hugh Grant so my view is most likely biased.  So here's the scene:  he and his wife are sitting down in a country restaurant to eat and there's one of those pantry looking things near the table with all kinds of goods on it..the line goes something like this - he looks at her and says something like "So glad I called ahead to reserve a table near the mayonnaise".  Okay so typing it obviously does not thave the same impact as watching it bit I kid you not I'm smiling just thinking of it.  I don't know what it is about that one line but it has me hooked.  It never gets old.  Maybe it's his english accent or his sarcastic humor...whatever it is totally me and I love it.

In other news - I really am enjoying reading Burnt Toast...I think it's mostly because I can relate to her ramblings and I feel that she has some very valid points about the way some of us think.  So right on to my friend Linda that recommended this one to me - so far so good - but as I don't have much free time it's taking me quite a while to read this one little by little...but not because the book is slow going. I've been reading every night until the very last minute before Brent gets into bed to turn the lights off...well, because I don't want to have to get up and turn them off myself when I'm lazy is that?  Perhaps I should have labeled this post "confessions"...

I know there was something else I wanted to talk about this morning...but like most things's gone.  Poof.  No idea what it was.  Maybe it will come to me later.

Happy Hump Day!



  1. I love, love, love Sarah Jessica Parker and Hugh Grant, too. That movie looks so funny! Can't wait to see it.

    Hope you have a great Wednesday!!!

  2. I've had an XM for years, so don't listen to the radio anymore - sorry!

    That line seems so Southern, too. I know they ship the couple off to Montana, but the same setup could happen here in NC!

  3. Oh, I love Sarah Jessica Parker. She is one of my all time favorites!

  4. So perhaps some fellow Sex and the city fans on here as well??? I've never seen the movie but I used to love Sarah Jessica Parker in the tv series! If anyone sees the movie before I do please let me know how it is...sometimes the funniest parts are in the previews!

    And hi to fellow NC girl Diane! Michele and I are discussing possibly starting a writing group in the Raleigh area after the holidays..would you be interested in joining us? Feel free to email me...

    Hope everyone's Wednesday went well...

    I'm finally on my way home to watch the series finale of "so you think you can dance". Admittedly I'm an addict this season and hoping that Russell wins it all tonight...or maybe Kathryn...I'm torn. Either way I'll be happy. And Adam Lambert is on..whom I love. Yay television that rots my brain! LOL!

  5. Do start a writing group in your area. I joined one a couple of years ago and it has been awesome. I love Hugh Grant too and Sarah Jessica Parker and will probably see the movie because I like them.

  6. Haven't heard the soda commercial but I'm the same way with that movie and the mayonnaise!! I laugh every time. The first time I saw it, I was thinking whats with the mayo and then he actually said that line and I don't know it's just really funny and cute. Not to mention a handsome man having a dorky moment is always kinda nice!

  7. Hi, Kristi. It's nice to meet a fellow writer/optimist/snowboarder! Your blog is great. And, sadly, I haven't heard the commercial yet!

  8. Man - I'm alone on the commercial, huh? Well I'm happy that you all have not had that experience!

    Moonaroo - hopefully we can get a writing group together - I can see how beneficial it would be to get other's thoughts and perspectives for sure.

    Seni - I think you may have found the exact reason I love that part so much...the handsome man having a dorky moment gets me everytime!!! Have you seen Hugh Grant in Love Actually when he gets caught dancing around and singing? One of my favorites...

    Bethany - Welcome to the blog!!! So happy to see a fellow snowboarder/writer/optimist on here!!! All of this snow is making me sad I can't make it to the slopes!!!!