Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Weather Watch

Good morning everyone! 

Well the big news of the day around here is the current winter weather watch.  It's hard not to get too wrapped up in all of the excitement! 

Just last night the hubby called and needed me to pick up lettuce from the grocery store on my way home from work (for dinner last night).  Not EVEN thinking about the *S* word, I cluelessly went to the grocery store near our house and only needed to pull in to remember that snow was in the forecast. 

The place was packed and people were in a panic to get food!  I was very thankful not to be needing bread and milk because most likely it was already gone.  This strange phenomenon never ceases to entertain me.  It reminds me that deep down we're all still kids.  The likelihood of having a storm bad enough here in NC that you would actually starve because you couldn't get out to the grocery store is probably near impossible.  Sure, we have a few ice storms but they generally last a day or two.  It's hilarious.  But we all get so excited at the thought that we do these crazy things.  So, of course, wrapped up in the excitement of the moment with all those around me...I made sure to get a few things in case we happen to be snowed in for weeks.  The important extra items I bought were:  Red wine (of course), yummy specialty cheese, two boxes of crackers, sliced deli meat, spicy hummus, pita chips and grapes.  I have priorities.  If I'm going to be stuck at home for a day or two I need more fun food than bread and milk.  Seriously.       

So I am now prepared for our "winter weather" that may or may not be coming.  Trying not to get my hopes up but it always ends up happening anyway.  Some of the white fluffy stuff this close to the holidays would be pretty magical.  Isn't there some kind of snow dance I can do? 

Only a week until Christmas - EEK!  Almost done but still have a few things to get...never enough time!  I'm beyond ready for some nice down time spent relaxing with family and friends.  Speaking of - on a side note - my high school girlfriend is coming into town in a few days from Oklahoma...weeee!  The holidays really are still magical....

Happy Friday everyone!  Stay warm!


  1. Oh my word, I LOVE winter storms, especially if you're prepared. It's a perfect opportunity to cozy up and abandon all oligations that don't revolve around a bottle of wine, some cheese fondue, and a Harry Potter movie marathon...okay, maybe that's just at our house. But enjoy your terrible awesome weather!

    By the way, I followed you from Michele Emrath's blog. Looking forward to your posts!

  2. Hi Carolina! Thanks for following! And you know what? Our house is very similar to yours...we love the Harry Potter movies! And suddenly I wish I were at home instead of work. :-)

    Some co-workers and I just ran outside to truly enjoy some of the big huge flakes that were coming down! Seriously gorgeous! Felt like kids running around watching it fall...good times!

    Sadly, the flakes are getting smaller...hope it's not over!

  3. I wish it would snow in Miami. It is too warm over here!

  4. We're supposed to get snow tomorrow!! I hope we get a lot. I swear, I'm like a child with snow. We've been in the East Midlands (UK) for two years, so it's been a while since we've gotten to really experience snow like this. Yay! I hope your snow stays big and fat!!

  5. I hate the cold, but love snow. Well, only if it means I get to have the day off of work. Which, lets face it, if it snows in Texas (even a quarter of an inch) the entire state shuts down. YAY!

    Isn't it crazy how people go nuts over stocking up food supplies like their going to be snowed in for in the movie The Shining or something? Crazy!

    Have a good weekend!

  6. I'm in Houston, and usually the only kinda of weather phenomenon we have to stock up on groceries for is hurricanes. The stores get absolutely WIPED out during a hurricane threat. A snow storm here would be lovely. We actually did get snow two weeks ago was a total miracle. Me (and just about everyone else at work) ran outside in it! (yep, still kids) Apparently there is a CHANCE of snow this Christmas Eve, but I say it's too soon to get my hopes up! Twice in one year? HERE? No way.

  7. Disappointing news - the snow didn't last! Boo! Here's hoping your winter storm lasts longer than ours did Carolina!!!

    Hmmm...Miami and Houston sound pretty nice about now! Instead of a beautiful white blanketed city I have a rainy, dreary one!