Thursday, December 3, 2009

An excerpt from "The Wolf Within" and a note about life with a pug

Well let me begin by saying that life with a pug is always interesting. Roxy is a big fan of Christmas time and of the Christmas tree in particular. In her mind this is a delicious addition to the home and her favorite game has always been to try to eat as many tree scraps as she can when they magically fall before her parents can manage to sweep them up. Clearly yesterday she was a big winner because as of this morning, at precisely 4:30 I heard the bedroom door shaking and awoke to find her relieving herself of her little prizes. Joy! So Brent and I were up early this morning cleaning the carpet and I figured I might as well get up and get ready for work. I love her but some days she does not make it easy!

I still feel a big foggy today - sore throat, pressure behind the ears...hopefully nothing a good trip to Starbucks can't fix.

But enough of that - a few of my friends and family have been asking about more information concerning my new book and I thought it would be fun to post the foreword here for you all to read. This give you an idea how this first book will end and what all will happen as it's really told from the end of te book. Feel free to give me any thoughts or feedback - they are always greatly welcomed and as the publisher and I are in the process of putting the book in the "book block" and making changes there is still time for tweaking. And please be gentle.

Also concerning the book - this is the first in what I have planned to be a series dealing with these characters I introduce. This first book is told mostly from Gwyn's perspective with a few tidbits from Faden here and there. It's really the starting point for the series and revolves around Faden finding out his true identity and accepting his new role while he and Gwyn begin their relationship.

And with that said, here it is. I'm off to assess the damage to our Christmas lights before heading to work. We had a huge storm last night and I fear our Snowman's hat is probably a few neighborhoods down by now and most likely lost forever. Maybe I'll get lucky.

Hope everyone has a great day!


I awoke the next morning to find Faden already gone. Neither of us knew what would come next in our war against the wild ones, only that we needed to move forward somehow.

My view of the world had been drastically changed after what I had seen these last few weeks but it had been my discussion the night before with Faden that had finally given me the gift of realizing my purpose, my place in this new challenge with which we had been presented. The words he needed to hear had come so naturally to me that I had even surprised myself with their validity. I knew in that moment that I had given him what he needed in order to embrace his new role.

Yes, he had been called to lead this battle, this charge, but I would be the one to support him in his quest. I would be the conductor in the wings calling out a forgotten line, the editor behind the masterpiece. It was obvious now how much he relied on and needed me, just as I looked up to and respected him. Whatever was to come, we would handle together: win or lose, live or die. The pull that had somehow brought us together would now bind us in our journey.

I wandered outside, searching for the others, my new family.  The morning light trickled down from above, momentarily blinding me as I made my way towards the beach.  This bright day would soon end.  I sensed a strong storm blowing in from the North and my intuitions were never wrong.  As if confirming my thoughts, thunder rumbled in the distance and the wind suddenly gained momentum.  The rain would be here very soon.

As I reached the edge of the ocean, I buried my toes in the sand, letting the warm water rush in and out over them with a melody that was familiar.  Everything in life had a rhythm.  I had finally found mine.  Closing my eyes, I stood there and waited for the rain.

For it was the rain that brought back my memories of how far I had come; how it had all begun.  I never would have imagined that in a short month's time I would meet and befriend a serial killer, run off with a man I barely knew, and leave my entire human life behind without a thought or care.

The momentum with which it had all happened hadn’t allowed much time to stop and ponder what I had abandoned in the process. My parents; my roommates; my education. Even now as the rain began pouring down, I knew I would never regret the choices that had lead me here.  Things were as they should be and my sacrifice seemed small in comparison to the rewards.

You see, that’s how it all started…it was the rain that had brought me to Faden McCourt. The entire course of my life had been changed in an instant…that was the day destiny started to weave my purpose. My path to this new, more vibrant life began with Faden as we were called to save those who couldn’t save themselves.


  1. I love the Foreword you posted. It sounds like a great book. I'm intrigued.

    Is it going to avaliable for purchase at book stores, or where can we pick up a copy?

  2. Thanks Kimberly!

    I swear as writers we are probably our own worst critics so every bit of happy interest helps the ego! I'm a bit terrified of my release date and everyone I know being able to read my thoughts...which is interesting since I post them here on my blog regularly! How odd does that make me?

    It will be available online through all the major book selling stores - amazon, barnes and noble, borders and of course through my publisher's site, black rose writing.

  3. I love love love pugs! I can't wait until I'm financially stable enough to get my own! I also loved your foreword...I am looking forward to reading ALL of what you've written!

  4. Thanks so much!

    Honestly, pugs are quite lovable and make GREAT pets. Just make sure to be able to deal with a LOUD snoring sound! I remember when I brought her home ten years ago it was quite the adjustment - she kept me awake for a long time before I became accustomed to it! And her perfect day involves eating as much as she can and sleeping by the fireplace! Can't beat that! (On a sidenote she is currently on a diet for previously mentioned eating habits..I'll have to post one of those before and after shots of's hilarious!!!)

  5. Great. I can't wait. And I completely understand how scary it is to post your's so private and personal.