Tuesday, December 15, 2009

distracted spastic-ness

Something about the holidays and always having so many different things to do has, for as long as I can remember, caused me to have atleast a week or two where I find myself unusually distracted and my thought process even more spastic than usual...which trust me, is a pretty big feat.  Today is one of those days.  

So you'll have to forgive my posts which will most likely follow this trend as well...

My weekend was fun and although it went by way too fast, I enjoyed the time with family on Friday night and the time alone with my hubby and our friends on Saturday night.  Good people.  Do you ever look at your friends and wonder how in the world they ever began to like you in the first place?  I mean, your family has no choice, but you friends?  They can ditch you at any moment.  I have some of the most amazing and cool friends - my couple friend from Virginia - Shelly and Jay - stayed over on Saturday night and she baked me these...

  Amazing does not begin to tell the tale of how these cute treats taste.  I would have taken a picture of the entire cupcake bouquet but alas, there were few left to take a picture of.  They taste like a chocolate truffle with icing and are quite heavenly.  She's thinking about starting a baking business and I think if she doesn't, it will be a mistake...she certainly has a gift.

Besides being an excellent baker, the two of them are just some of the most genuine and sweet people I know.  Great hearts and very fun to be around.  I always miss them when they leave and our time is much too short.

Another of my friends recently graduated from Nursing School so we all went to a surprise party for him on Saturday night and it was a really fun time to catch up with those friends I'd lost touch with over the last two years...it happens, right?  So many cool people that I've known throughout the years and I feel truly blessed to have in my life....

In other news - I've been looking for things to read and have found an abundance!  I finally picked this book back up this week and although I'm only on chapter two or three and it's not my "typical" kind of book, it's been good... 

This is one a really good friend recommended to me and I started but eventually had to put down in order to finish my own manuscript.  It's not something I would have ever bought otherwise and the friend that recommended it to me laughed that she had been shocked she enjoyed it and well, that's what convinced me.  I'm not a desperate housewives fan (never watched...nothing against the show) but since typically this friend is spot on and knows what I like - I'm giving it a go. 

This one is on my list of books that I've bought and still haven't read.  After Liberty's post about it here I've put it back on my list of things to read.  That list is getting quite long.

I also have this to read thanks to Michele and after reading Kimberly's blog I really want to go buy this and add it to my list as well...

So many good books out there and so little time!  Always a good problem to have in my mind!

Hmmm...is it that time already?  Yes, my real job is calling..must do mundane tasks today such as buy holiday stamps, more candy for my work candy dish, work crazy busy season hours at my real job...and most importantly, stop by Starbucks for coffee....

Hope everyone out there is having a great week...

Kristi :-)


  1. I'm with you on the Holiday distractions. My mind is everywhere. Oh well, I guess it will be over soon. My Holiday fun starts this weekend with a trip to the inlaws (note the sarcasam). : (

    Also, I finished Beautiful Creatures and it was fantastic. I am going to do a review of the book, later this week. Probably for Friday's post.

    Have a good week!!!

  2. Thanks Kimberly! Have fun at the inlaws. Smirk. :-)

    I totally agree with you on the Beautiful Creatures cover by the way...it's gorgeous! I'm always in need of a good book and I like all kinds of genres - eagerly looking forward to reading your review!

  3. Oh. Yeah. I'm sure I will have a BLAST. HA!

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...when you get around to reading it. : )