Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Confession Part I

This is officialy my first blog confessional. Today's confession is related to two of my most recently adopted addictions and one old habit...

1 - I am currently loving reading other people's blogs and especially those dealing with the writing/publishing industry and new writer's like myself in particular. The only downfall is that I know I will constantly be distracted with this new form of entertainment, but on the upside, reading other artists/writer's thoughts is always inspiring and uplifting. It's hard not to find a good laugh and a fellow friend. Too much fun...seriously! So to all my new friends - hello and thanks for sharing your world with me!

2 - My husband and I are seriously loving the tv show "so you think you can dance". It's like a guilty pleasure. I promised myself I would try to stay away from these reality type shows but I couldn't help it. Has anyone else been watching this???? The things they do and the feelings they express with their bodies is simply amazing. We are both a fan of the contemporary dances in particular and Wednesday night had a spectacular performance....just watched the results show and was very sad to see one of my favorites...Noelle (sp?) leave. I've seriously cried watching this show once already...not because someone left but the excerpts they show about their parents being proud. Gets me every time! Dancers love to be emotional and cry which is probably why I love it but soon I may have to ban it from the house as we did Extreme Home Makeover.

Lastly, an old habit that I can't seem to break - my overuse of "..." Look up at how many times I use it! I can't stop! It's horrible! I need therapy...maybe! LOL!

Not feeling well tonight so there's some Nyquil with my name on it and some comfy flannel sheets beckoning me to bed...

To all a good night!


  1. Blogging is addicting...but I love it. I love reading what everyone has to say too. I've learned so much in the last month, and met some nice people too.

    Though, it is a major distraction from my writing. I'm having to find ways to balance myself between writing time and blogging time. Otherwise I would spend all of my time blogging and reading other blogs..LOL. Oh well.

  2. I'm glad I'm not alone on this!!! I too am going to try to have to figure out how to balance myself...right now I seem to be doing more blogging time than writing time!