Friday, December 11, 2009

Caramel Brulee Goodness

I had quite a busy day yesterday (hence no post) but what I really want to talk about was how my day started.  I have no idea why (blame it on women hormones) but yesterday morning was starting off to be reason for it but upon waking I found myself in a foul mood.  I was on my way to work wondering why I was so moody having not even talked to a single soul or without having done anything besides get ready for work (which some days is reason enough for the mood) when I came upon a glorious idea.  Starbucks.  My co-workers and I joke that it is "happiness in a cup" and so, without thinking twice I popped on over and went thru the drive-thru.  Ordinarily I would order a normal nonfat latte'...very plain and boring but yesterday that would not do.  I decided to try their new "Caramel Brulee Latte" in the hopes that it would lift my mood.  The transformation was instant.  One sip of the warm caramel goodness made me feel warm and fuzzy all over, leaving my previous funky mood behind.  I am happy to say when I arrived at work it was with Christmas cheer and a smile that lasted all day....through the grueling 11 hour day that I put in.  I even came home and made a home made lasagna for tonight's family birthday party and had time to do some online Christmas shopping! was one of those "go me" kind of days.

And so it got me thinking...what is it about Starbucks that instantly gives the "warm fuzzies".  Maybe it's not the same for everyone but I think they've done an excellent job at making their stores inviting and warm...I tend to go to the drive thru for my beverage but I still find myself in my car imagining that I'm wealthy, sitting inside the Starbucks in a corner (by the fireplace of course) with my laptop and coffee, writing the next big break through novel.  Just something about it.  And of course they are ridiculously priced but when I think about, I guess they can be.  They've found a way not just to market beverages but an idea along with it and a feeling. 

So..I was thinking it would be fun to list some other things that give me the "warm fuzzies" and make me seems to suit this time of year.

*Reading a book snuggled in a blanket with hot chocolate (lots of marshmallows) by a fire with snow or rain coming down outside (never get all of these things at once but sounds magical, doesn't it?)

*My dogs lying on my legs as I sleep at night (they're not allowed on the bed really but they sneak in sometime during the night while I'm asleep and I love finding them with me in the morning)

*My weekend morning walks with my hubby, son and our boxer, Van Gogh.  It's become a family tradition over the last few months.  We go get coffee and snacks, put Evan in the stroller and go to the park for a three mile walk early in the morning.  It's one of my most cherished times.

*Cheesy, sappy movies of any type or genre (About a Boy is seriously one of my all time favorite, quirky movies but I love them all - Sweet Home Alabama, The Cutting Edge, Fried Green Tomatoes...honestly way tooo many out DVD collection is just as bad as my book collection)

*Eating sweet potatoe fries at the bottom of the slopes after having snowboarded all day and been worn out

*Having a much needed beer and visit to the hot tub after said snowboarding

*Cuddling with my "little man"...when he wraps his tiny arm around my neck and closes his eyes.  It is the closest thing to perfection I can think of...well, that and his tiny, sweet kisses

I'm sure there are many more but time to jet off to my "real job"...don't think for a moment I'm not going for my yummy beverage yet again this morning...I'm salivating just thinking about it...and well, it's Friday so I practically "need it"!  LOL!

Hope everyone is doing well - if you have time drop me a few of your favorite "warm fuzzy" things!

Until next time!


  1. MMMM...Starbucks. I'm a White Chocolate Mocha kind of girl. Hmm...that sounds really good. I haven't had one in ages.

    Plus, it's finally FRIDAY!!! YIPPEE!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks too!!!

    PS-have you had the peppermint mocha??? it's especially magical at Christmas time!!!