Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the white wall wins

Well, the white walls of this house have been taunting me for too long and starting Sunday the fight for the living room began. We moved our television upstairs and began taping, cutting in, and painting the walls "tropical nut". So far so good but last night we were up to midnight painting and we still have one white wall left to go. Obviously the biggest challenge is our little man and making sure he stays away from the wet paint which puts up a tight time constraint on when we can work on said project.

This morning I'm feeling the pain. Busy season at work has begun and I have an extraordinary amount of "extra projects" in process from manuscripts to scrapbooks to painting to articles about my Red Sox addiction. Need I mention the upcoming holidays? What's more disturbing than all this is that I am loving every minute of it. The more busy and overwhelmed I am, the more motivated, happy, and challenged I become. It's sick really.

Off to Starbucks for my morning hit...

kristi :-)

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