Monday, November 23, 2009

The week of the Turkey

Had a great weekend catching up with some truly great friends!

My weekend began with ladie's night starting directly after work and involving a Mexican restaurant and the worst margaritas I have ever had. Seriously. Bad. Trust me, it got better. We chugged the drinks that were mostly filled with Tequila and nothing else (you would think that would be a good thing but it really really wasn't), washed them down with some tortilla chips and cheap guacomole, donned some cheesy shirts I bought that night and headed out to watch the New Moon movie. One of the many reasons I adore my sister is that she has the same sense of humor and love of books and movies that I do. When I called her that day to ask if she wanted to wear silly vampire shirts to the movie, she was all in. And we wore them proudly with all of the other thirteen year olds that were there.

I honestly thought the movie was really good. It was my least favorite book in the series so really, I wasn't expecting much so I might not be the best reviewer. The movie was much less painful than the book and I really can't wait to watch it again.

Saturday I was able to hang out with a bunch of my college friends that I don't get to see much, and as always, it was fun to catch up and see what has been going on in everyone's lives. The only sad thing is it never seems like we have enough time. I miss the days when we all lived in the same building or apartments and could visit and catch up regularly. I'm amazed I lucked out at meeting such a great group of friends...all of them different and unbelievably unique and cool.

Sunday was me basically trying to get back to normal after being up two late nights in a body just doesn't bounce back like it used to and I was in bed by 9pm. Even still, I had to get a Venti latte' from Starbucks this morning in order to make it to work and feel like a human being.

Today consisted of an 11 hour work day...HELLO BUSY SEASON! And then another workout on the treadmill..note to not eat frozen waffles for dinner and then try to run...NOT GOOD! Didn't make it quite two miles due to previously mentioned waffles. Am proud that after putting little dude to sleep I did revisit my book and begin going through it chapter by chapter to make sure I'm as happy as I can be with it. Am hoping I can get this done before my publisher starts working on it himself so he can start with the most polished version.

And's time for bed so I can get up and do it all again tomorrow. Thank goodness for a three day workweek. I'm ready for Turkey and naps.


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