Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Jumble

So...lots of things on my mind this morning. Petrified and excited that the holidays are around the corner, but how the heck did they get here this fast???? Heard from a good friend this week that she'll be in town for Christmas so I'm looking forward to catching up with her soon...always seems too long in between visits. Darn busy lives tend to get the best of us.

Speaking of good friends - also planning on catching up with a bunch of my college friends in Charlotte this weekend...always good times. And need I mention a certain movie is coming out tonight? Definitely going Friday night (ladie's night) to see New Moon. Movie looks to be much more exciting than the book, which was my least favorite in the series.

On writing: Found a writing forum discussing my publisher, Black Rose Writing yesterday. Wow people can be cruel...poor Reagan Rothe! I know they are all trying to help but since when did writers become so jaded? I'm new to the industry so you won't find much judgement here but most of what I read seemed to say that he's fairly new to the scene of publishing and an amateur. The majority of the authors' sentiments dealt with the fact that they believe it better to be unpublished than published badly and that he is misleading many by his efforts to publish new authors. Granted they didn't find any examples of author's that had been published "badly".

Of course I've already signed a contract, but even so, I would do it again. I have to disagree. I thought it extremely pleasant to see a fellow BRW author in the forum talking about what a great experience they have had personally and how well their book is doing. In my opinion, Reagan has been all but honest throughout the process. He publishes what he believes in (there were also those who had gotten rejections from BRW showing they don't accept all material), gives people an opportunity to get their work out there, but doesn't hide the fact that you WILL have to work. Most of us don't have our own agents so there's a fair amount of things that will fall to us. I believe we all go into it knowing this book won't be the next Stephen King or J.K. Rowling. It's a beginning and a baby step in the right direction. Getting our feet wet.

In an industry where even the best of agents are turning down great work because they don't believe they can sell it, what is an author left to do? I have to believe that showing some initiative, publishing a book and selling it the best you can, will help your writing career in the long run. And for those of us that do this more as a hobby than anything, I have to think it's a good step.

But my rambling must end...looks like it's that time again: heading off to work where we are slammed as busy season begins. It's sad that I actually enjoy being way too busy. Character flaw.

Happy Thursday!!!

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