Friday, November 6, 2009

TGIF - press release done

It's been a long and busy week but a very productive one!

We have settled into our new office (moved from durham to raleigh recently) and I can actually manage to get work done now without being distracted, putting things away or rearranging them every five minutes. I still need some color and personal things to help with the beigeness of my new office but that will come in time. I'm also enjoying (perhaps too much) the great selection of free coffee, tea, and snacks in the break room. I'm hoping the excitment of free food will diminish over time or I'm really going to have to up my workout routine at home.

I was able to return the press release information to my publisher this week, so the official book publishing process has begun! It was mostly a book bio/author bio/ and a photo. Finding a photo of myself for the cover was by far the most stressful part but as of last night, Brent and I found a suitable one.

I have no idea what comes next...anxiously awaiting any news and knowing I will have many long nights ahead of me polishing up my manuscript when the time comes.

No big plans for the weekend, which is nice. Getting ready to run out shopping for lunch and come back to the never ending project I'm working on at work.

Hope everyone's week went well!

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