Monday, November 30, 2009

Instant Panic!

Well I had planned on posting something tonight about my Thanksgiving holiday and all of the embarassing amounts of food I had eaten but an email from my publisher scared all of that right out of me!

The said email told me my planned release date was January 28th, 2010. My initial reaction was to throw up at work from stress and panic. As many of you know, this is my super busy season at work where I put in around 60 hours a week, sometimes more...yay me! (Sense my sarcasm?) My next reaction was excitement over the fact that I could be seeing my work in print that soon! However, panic, as it often does, won out in the end. Lucky for me I had actually taken the time this weekend (quite a bit I might add) to go back over my entire manuscript and fine tune it one more time, hoping to submit it back to my publisher before the formatting and editing process began. Thank goodness my instincts were right and I had this done before tonight...well, I put the finishing touches on tonight, but nontheless, it dulled the panic just a bit.

I have now sent the revised manuscript to the publisher along with a list of my worries and reservations about so soon a release date. I haven't necessarily ruled it out but I need to be calmed. An accountant must have a plan and a schedule for such things - my world doesn't work otherwise! Utter chaos today in my head...just talking about the possiblities makes me quesy.

And I think I just misspelled it quezey...who cares...correct me. I'm tired and ready for bed.

Will let you all know the final outcome as well as possibly post an excerpt from the book as it's been requested by a dearly missed family member.

Here's the short version of what I was going to post since I'm too tired to do the full version: Thanksgiving was tasty...enjoyed seeing family...ate too much and regretted it as I do every year...didn't sleep much Thursday night due to Black Friday shopping...not nearly as bad as people say if you do it right...go 30 minutes after each store opens...get the deals, not bad crowds...home by 9am with Chick-fil-a in hand and most Christmas shopping done...decorated the house...bought a much-too-large tree...still haven't found the energy to put lights on said tree...watched both the Grinch and Shrek the halls on tv tonight and little dude had the patience for the first but not the second.

And with that, I'm out!

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