Thursday, November 19, 2009

busy bee

I am happy to say that I have had a very good, motivated night! Came home, ate leftovers with the fam, ran/walked on the treadmill (2.10 miles), showered, snuggled with little dude, watched Fringe and now am updating my site. Woo hoo...go me!

While working out I came across the Thriving Ivory video Angels on the Moon and have to say I forgot how much I loved this song and this video. Now downloading the entire album...will let you know how I like the rest.

Must get up early for work tomorrow so I can leave on time for ladies' night so I'm cutting my extra computer work short tonight in exchange for that elusive thing in my life: sleep. I do find that nights I work out it's harder for me to fall asleep but when I do it is typically more peaceful as my poor body is worn out.

I'll leave you all with an old school poem I was thinking about today, this is one I wrote back when my sister was sick and is one of my favorites. It never ceases to remind me how very lucky we are to still have her around and how blessed each and every day truly is:

"A Sister's Love"
Walk into a room
stranger lying in a bed
looks so thin and feeble
through a tube she's being fed

Breaks my heart to look at her
too much pain and suffering around
long for a normal life
need to put our feet back on the ground

Contemplating in the dark
this place so lonely and cold
as I sit in this chair and wonder
is this where my life unfolds?

Close my eyes as if to sleep
but find it's of no use
my mind is too stubborn
and only continues its abuse

Waiting for my cue
I stay awake and stare
the moment I'm needed
I want to be the one there

Starting to get tough now
this place breaking us down
been too long this time
don't want to go for another round

We must escape now
back to the times when we played
singing, laughing and having a good time
back before our lives became so frayed

Time to get back to normal
and doesn't that seem strange
don't know what to do
the world around us has changed.

That's it for me tonight! Good night all!
kristi :-)

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